Friday, February 20, 2015

Forested Area d100 Table

I have always loved random tables, be they for a quick bit of inspiration, an adventure seed, or just a side distraction to throw at a party on a trek through the wilderness.  It is through these random tables a bit of mystery to a situation when needed can be rolled into existence.

Over the years I have collected many tables from various sources including books, articles, and some great community created ones, however non really had everything that I was looking for. I sought a very large broad selection of events, monsters, and traps for the most common types of wilderness environments. Being a believer in building tools when non exist for a project at hand I have began constructing my own tables for these environs.

The tables are d100 in nature giving a nice large selection to pick from while not needing to be more then 1 page front and back when printed off and placed in a binder for game use. Originally I began the project for my 3.5 campaign but have since tried to make them more system neutral the best I could. Being mostly monster encounters I have grabbed from what I will mostly use for reference which is the various monster manuals and the tome of horrors complete.

So with out further ado feel free to make use of the first of my tables, the forests, and let me know what you think. I will be posting the rest of the tables as I complete them and making updates accordingly.

Download Forests

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