Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Into the castle Part 3

When the group last left off they had just found an empty room with a staircase leading down and the dwarf getting an uneasy feeling about it. They decide to tie 100ft of rope to the wolf player as he weighed the least in the group and should the staircase fall out from under him they would have hold of him. A solid plan and away he went down the steps. What he found was another bare room, about 50ft by ft with a single solitary door on the opposite wall of the steps. He walks on over tries to push on it and gets no where. The group calls down and tells him to bark once if it is safe and twice if it is not. Feel no real danger he barks once and the party comes on down. Everything appears fine right up until the barbarian goes over to the wolf, next to the door where the pressure plate is located to untie him from the rope springing the trap and causing the entire floor to drop out from under them and down 40ft into the caverns below into freezing cold water.

Now in this large pool of freezing water they all make their checks and while the cleric was the most heavily armoured they succeed in not drowning and finding their way onto dry land. From here they followed the caves south to another stuck door which they battered down making quite a bit of noise(knock knock guess whose here) and find the room to be empty. Taking the remains of the door they set a fire and begin to warm themselves. They found a few of the mages scrolls got ruined in the water. After all the noise and the smoke they generated it attracted a small party of orcs to investigate and brought them to their small cave room. After exchanging some veiled threats back and forth the mage had a enough and cast a sleep spell knocking the entire party of orcs out. Not leaving anything to chance the party went to work slitting throats and proceeded to drag the bodies over to the pool and throw them in. They warmed themselves, ate a small meal and followed the orc tracks to a hidden room which only had a few coins but provided shelter to regain their spells and prep for continuing on.

contuing along the cave path they found their way into a unfinished trophy room showing the heroics of the former inhabitants in their battles against the barbarian hordes looking to sweep through the land. Not finding anything to loot they follow a different path that lead to a cave that at one point was being excavated. There was minding tools, wheel barrows, even a few mining carts strewn around. Everything had a real thick layer of heavy webbing, more then just your standard fair from normal sized spiders. The party figured there was giant spiders in the area but decided to chance things any way when the druid decided to try and burn the webs. They burned slightly but it was apparent it would take a little while to start a full on fire in the room. The fighter types all stood in defence just waiting for something to happen and before the webs could truly catch 3 monstrous spiders (6ft variety) came down from the wall nearby and proceeded to attack.

The dwarf slid in under the first swinging looking to cut its possibly more vulnerable belly as he passed by which would have worked but even with the bonus still was not enough to overcome the spiders chitinous body. The druid threw his torch to no avail at another spider and the barbarian scored a single hit with an arrow from his bow. The spiders looked like they found themselves a meal. The first spider rolls a fumble and stuns itself for 3 rounds. The second goes toe to toe with the charmed orc biting him hard but the poison not taking hold. The third spider begins covering everyone in a layer of webbing. Next round those closest to the stunned spider go to work attacking it bringing it down in hp and nearly killing it. The orc still fights one on one with the spider neither scoring a hit and the third takes a round of magic missile fire from the mage. At this point the group is desperate to finish the fight as before this escalates out of hand and they send in the wizards familiar the giant weasel to attack the 3rd spider hoping it can latch on and start to blood drain on the following rounds. It scores a good hit and does latch on however even after the mage sends in another round of magic missile the spider is looking to get rid of the pest on its leg. The spiders round comes around again, the 2nd spider bites the orc, he survives but takes another heavy amount of woundage. The spider scores a hit on the weasel for 6 large and the weasel survives the poison. Next round he wasn’t so lucky as the spiders win the initiative and it goes in for the kill, scoring a hit and the weasel rolled a 2 on its save. This is the first time this party has ever failed on a poison save let alone a save or die and just realized things got real as the wizard immediately took 3d6 damage from the death of his familiar (1d6 per HD of his familiar) dropping to exactly 1 hp. The party goes in with axes and swords finishing off the remaining spiders. Now hurt, bloody, and lost they found a staircase in the webs that may lead to freedom, or possibly more horrors.

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