Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Enter into the Castle

So the party having made it back to Beltaine had heard rumour from one of the wyvern knights that there was a rumoured castle to the east that was once home to some retired adventurers who most certainly had to have had passed away many decades ago(B1 in search of the unknown). He figured if it did exist there would be a good chance there may possibly still be something of worth left there. The group not having much to do while they wait for the mages guild to come up with a solution for the rogues change into a wolf decide to gear up and look for this castle.

They travel several hours east and after much searching found a castle which they presume is the one they was looking for. Weeds had grown all around it and creeping vines have grown up far and wide up the sides. There they found a gnome dresed in leather armor(a new pc who joined the group) having difficulty with the door. They greet each other and find the gnome is own his own mission to retrieve an item from this castle and as long as they are trust worthy they can accompany each other into the castle.

The barbarian takes a crack at the door and with a heavy creak pulls open the stuck door. Inside they find a long corridor that leads to another door with unremarkable stone walls leading down the pathway. They carefully search for traps and hazards making their way down to the door. Once more the barbarian opens the door and finds yet another long corridor but with alcoves branching out from each side. Finding these alcoves to be strange in how they are located he begins searching for anything out of place on the walls and succeeds in finding a hidden door on the right hand middle alcove. Intriqued but not yet ready to explore that way they continue down the path up where the stairs start and hear the ominous warnings from the magic mouths placed there by the former residents of the castle. The rogue and guard dog sniff by the stair way and notice something smells off and the guard dog notes it smells just like something that caused him to be itchy and irritable for a very long time (a giant tick) and begin growling low.

They decide to avoid the stairs for now and see where the hidden passage leads which they find several different paths to take. They opt to go south and follow it until they find 2 separate  doors near the end of the passage. Sensing something might be up they draw there weapons and open the far door and stumble upon 2 troglodytes tearing apart a beautiful bed as if they are looking for something right before seeing the group and moving to attack. combat was quick and the gnome was right on the verge of death before the barbarian and wizard (with a critical hit with a dart) took out the trogs. Very quickly through the intervention of the cleric and the druid they were able to save their new companion. They then searched the room and found a single gold coin and a turtle shell cup they decided to take and left for the other door. All along the way they would stop and draw in chalk an arrow either on the wall or floor pointing in the direction they came from to aid in their leaving should they start to get lost. They follow the path and another door that lead to a carpenters room taking a few of the hand saws they found on the table and moved on. Shortly down the hall after turning around a corner the barbarian felt something fall on his head and bite him. Turned out to be 2 large centipedes and they both succeeded on their attacks. Amazingly he made both his saves and proceeded to grab one and stomp it to death. The gnome grabbed the other, threw it to the ground, and cut its head off with his short sword.

Now more concerned with what may be above they them follow the long corridor and eventually find another set of paths that lead north, south and into what looked to be a throne room. They spy to the north another room just in front of the throne room and decide to check it out to prevent possibly being ambushed while looking at the thrones. The barbarian, magic user, and his charmed orc step inside and find a evil looking idol on the far wall and a pit in the center. The magic user steps closer to the pit and shines his lantern up to the ceiling drawing in the attention of a couple of stirges. They dive bomb for him and the orc, the one aiming for the arc missing terribly and stunning itself on the slate floor(critical fumble). The other stirge found his mark and impaled the mage with its sucker. From here the rest of the party had a calmity of errors with 3 of the members critical failing and stunning themselves and or barely missing the thing as the mage flailed around helplessly as his blood was being drained. Eventually the mage fell backwards and hit his head on the end of the pit but the gnome was able to get behind the thing and slit its throat with his sword.

The cleric uses his last healing spell on the mage and they opt to check the throne room. They spend quite a bit of time checking out the marble thrones but nothing interesting happens so they head south and follow the path to a closed door with possibly anything behind it.

All in all the group had fun but the dice was aiming to kill them, it will be interesting to see how they fair in 2 weeks.

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