Sunday, April 26, 2015

Random DNA

My usual gaming group is being disrupted this week so with my remaining players I am taking advantage of the situation and putting together a small 1 off adventure using Mutant Future. My players are already quite excited all being fans of the post apocalypse genre. Naturally my urge to make random tables has kicked into full swing again and thus I present an ever so simple but potentially useful random DNA table for your players who may want to spice up their mutants a little bit.

Download: Random DNA

Friday, April 17, 2015

S&W Appreciation Day 2015

Happy Swords and Wizardry day my friends. I have been enjoying and introducing the joy of this system for the last 6+ months and I have to say it has become my defacto game system.

Part of what I love about S&W is it easily allows me as a collector and user of modules past and present is the ease I can port just about any adventure or idea with very little prep but provide big changes to my game world. NPC's, monsters, spells, it doesn't matter because it all bolts on quite easily.

What helps make S&W so great and versatile is the simplicity of the rules and the building block nature that we all as players and GM's can build from and expand upon. I look forward to looking through everyone's contributions today and provide for you all today a new potion and 2 new monsters sure to both amuse and challenge your players.

Juggernaught Potion

Distilled from ionized mithril and the eyes from a basalisk when properly prepared with various other ingrediants creates of a potion that turns the ibiber into a being of hulking destruction. The users body size doubles and takes on a greyish tint while the eyes burn with a red glow. The strength of the user increases by +5, is able to make use of their strength for additional attack and damage as per a fighter, and gains a -10[+10] to AC. This comes at a price as the user is no longer in control of their actions and will attack at random looking to cause the most destruction possible either on inanimate objects or friends/foes nearby. The transformation lasts for 1d6 x 10 minutes. Once it has worn off the user will fall into a near coma like state barely breathing for 2d20 hours.

HD 4d8+8(16 HP)
AC 3 [16]
Save: 13 
Attacks: Bite (1d8 + disease) and 2 claws (1d6) or Breath of fire (1d10 save for half)
Reach 4ft/2.5ft
Move 6/24
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Region: Warm/Mountains
CR/XP: 8/800


immune to fire, vulnerable to cold
Dark vision 120ft

Dracoons are scavengers and hoarders. Often found in dens in mountainous regions not far from civilization they favor little baubles like gems or small magic items. They speak draconic but rarely have a reason to do so preferring to keep to their dens. When forced into a fight or when protecting their den a dracoon will attempt to catch the most dangerous looking foe on fire with its breath or set the area itself on fire then close in to bite. If captured young they make excellent partners to young mages so long as they are kept happy with a regular gifts of food, gems, or gold coins.

Scorpion Soldier
HD 2d8+4(12 HP)
AC 5[14]
Save: 16
Attacks: 2 claws (1d4+1) or sting (1d4 + lethal poison)
Move: 6
Reach: 6ft/2ft
Alignment: Neutral
Region: Anywhere
CR/XP: 5/240

These soldiers were the magical mutation made by a mad wizard to defend his tower. Created as barely intelligent shock troopers, usualy from captured peasents and farmers. They prefer to attack from ambush trying to catch their prey and inject them with poison. If they hit with both claw attacks they latch on and can proceed to sting on the following rounds automatically. Cowardly by nature they will flee at the first sign the fight turns against them.

Many thanks to Ryan Thompson for hosting this years S&W appreciation day and don't forget to check out the Drink Spin Run live podcast tonight 9pm EST.