Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Phyrexians are coming

It has been a while since I have made an update here so it is time I do. The current campaign is moving along well, my players are currently devising a plan to invade the slavers stronghold in A1. This has been a good time for all with lots of planning and securing of materials as well as trying to bluff there way in, this is probably the most think their way through a situation they have done yet. I am very proud as they are all still greenhorns in the world of D&D.

So while they are making plans for the future I have as well. As an avid collector of magic cards for ages I find they can be quite inspiring for ideas from their artwork and all around in game uses as well as their history within the game itself. Amongst one of my more crazy ideas include creating a race of artifact infused monsters from another plane of existence that are slowly creeping into the world via portals corrupting and destroying everything they come across....much like the Phyrexians from the MTG world. So not wanting to reinvent the wheel too much short of maybe changing some names here and there and maybe a few descriptions, I came up with a very quick and dirty way to convert MTG critters into the OSR.

Quick and Dirty Conversion of MTG cards to OSR

Color - strictly flavor and rough idea what kind of locals you may find the creatures in

Power - Power gives a rough idea of a bonus to damage

1-2   = +0
3-4   = +1
5-6   = +2
7-8   = +3
9-10  = +4

Toughness - each point of toughness equals a hit die, so a 2 Toughness creature would have 2HD

Attacks: this is pretty self explanatory, look at the picture and use common sense or find a similar creature and model around it.

AC: same idea, a look at the card gives an idea of what kind of gear they have including armor and weapons.

Below are the most basic of creature abilities that can be found in magic barring things like defender or protection. The associated concepts with each are just my rough quick once over on them and I highly encourage those who like this idea to expand on this work below. There are a ridiculous amount of abilities in magic and over time I will expand on these with future posts either with my ideas or ideas from all of you.

Since I play S&W I associate the abilities in regards to CL/XP based on how close they are to the make your own monsters chart at the end of the bestiary. Most would give a +1 to the CL.

Basic Keyword Abilities:

Deathtouch = Poison attack of some sort save vs death
First strike = +1 on initiative rolls, wins on ties
Double strike = same as first strike plus 1 extra attack
Flash = surprises on 4 out of 6
Flying = self explanatory
Haste = same as spell,2 times the attacks
Hexproof = magic resistance 50%
Regeneration =  Heals 3/HP per round
Indestructible = same as regeneration + requires additional resource to permanently kill, Example: Vampire or Troll.
Intimidate = at start of combat all foes make save or suffer -2 attack and damage vs the creature
Lifelink = regains hp back up to max equal to damage dealt
Reach = has some form of long distance attack
Shroud = magic resistance 100%
Trample = can choose to make a special move/attack that tramples opponents smaller then itself that fail to   save for 1d6/size category
Vigilance = +2 to creatures AC due to history/training in vigilant defence
+1/+1 = Combat Aura 1 (Allies gain +1 hit/damage and -1(+1) AC) within 30ft


Infect - Damage done by a creature with infect cannot be healed by natural healing, only healing of a magical nature can heal infected damage.


Phyrexian Hulk - Golem

Hit Dice: 4HD (16)
AC: 7 (12)
Attacks: Fist (1d8+2)
Save: 13
Special: None
Move: 8
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 4/120

Serra Angel

Hit Dice: 4HD (16)
AC: 1 (18)
Attacks: Longsword (1d8+2)
Save: 13
Special: Flying
Move: 8/18(flying)
Alignment: Law
Challenge Level/XP: 6/400

Raging Goblin

Hit Dice: 1HD (4)
AC: 9 (10)
Attacks: 2x weapon
Save: 17
Special: permanent haste
Move: 16
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 2/30

Drudge Skeletons

Hit Dice: 1HD (4)
AC: 9 (10)
Attacks: weapon or fist strike (1d4)
Save: 17
Special: Undead, Regeneration(3hp/round)
Move: 12
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 2/30

War Mammoth

Hit Dice: 3HD (12)
AC: 7 (12)
Attacks: gore (1d6+1) or trample
Save: 14
Special: trample
Move: 8
Alignment: neutral
Challenge Level/XP: 4/120

Vodalian Knight

Hit Dice: 2HD (8)
AC: 3 (16)
Attacks: Trident (1d8+1)
Save: 16
Special: flight, first strike
Move: 8/12(flight/Swim)
Alignment: neutral
Challenge Level/XP: 4/120