Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Arctic Undead: Frost Ghoul

Today I am preparing for the holidays by expanding the northern arctic section of my campaign. The frozen north is a terrifying place and the undead found there are a bit different then found any where else in the world. So with out further ado I give you the frost ghoul.

Frost Ghoul; Unlike their more common brethren, Frost Ghouls do not deliver a paralysing touch but deliver a icy cold frost bite(save or limb becomes frostbitten). A frost bitten body part becomes essentially paralysed turning black, purple, and numb. If untreated the body part becomes gangrenous and falls off in 1d4+3 days or in the case of a torso wound, death from infection. A cure disease spell will remove frostbite/gangrene. Elves are not immune to this frostbite.

Bite location(D8)

1: Left Arm
2: Right Arm
3: Left Hand
4: Right Hand
5: Left Leg
6: Right Leg
7: Torso
8: Face

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