Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Arctic Undead: Rimetouched Zombies

In the frozen wastelands of northern Aeril, Horgroth the ice baron has been toiling away searching for an artifact of devastating power that brought upon the never ending winter. Horgroth has developed over the years variations of the animation spells to infuse a corpse with negative energy and the harsh unforgiving nature of the arctic cold.

The rimetouched zombie is one such creation Horgroth has created and perfected a new hulking horror to stalk the cold barren wasteland. A rimetouched moves at a persistant march not extremely slow but also not quick, as if it knows it will eventually reach its intended prey. When they begin to close in for melee they will unleash its breath weapon, a terrible cone of rime infused frost that clings to the flesh doing 1d4 damage and requiring a save or be slowed as pre the spell for 1d4 turns(10-40 minutes). They can use this breath weapon 3 times a day. Once they reach their target a rimetouched will batter its target with its heavy ice covered fists.

Rimetouched Zombie:
Same as a regular zombie short of the following changes below.

+1 HD
Fists do 1d8 +1d4 cold or breath weapon (a cone of frost that does 1d4 damage and save or be slowed as per the spell for 1d4 turns)

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