Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of an era and the start of a new one

So with the new year on the horizon I have got some big news. I will be taking on an exciting new job with a lot of new opportunities provided. This will however bring an end to my current S&W group that I have been running for about a year and a half. We stopped at a pretty good point and no one is terribly upset and every one is very happy for my chance to expand on my career.

With that said I am now focusing more of my creative energy on a fantasy based coop card game that it may never see the light of day beyond my play test prototype but should be fun non the less. It will be taking what I feel are the best aspects of adventure card games and expanding on it with my own take. Any one who wants to get into brainstorming ideas are welcome to ping me.

I will look to put together a new gaming group once I get settled in and have a better idea what my schedule will be like. I have several friendly local gaming shops that I want to spend more time at and get to know the players there better. I will also be continuing to create as much free OSR goodies as I can for all of you and perhaps even a book or two that i've been brewing may eventually get finished and available through lulu and drivethru.

So happy new year to every one in the OSR and here is to 2016, a year of change that I hope is good for every one.

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