Thursday, December 17, 2015

Arctic Undead: Glacial Shard Skeletons

Created to be a more effective shock trooper, the glacial shard skeleton is created during a blizzard, the terrible winds and freezing snow forming long, hard, and incredibly sharp spines and shards across its entire skeletal form.  They roam the frozen wastelands in groups on a eternal duty to guard against the living until summoned by their master to wage terrible war.

Glacial Shard Skeletons: +1 HD, +2 AC, 2 claw attacks for 1d6+2 damage each. Those using unarmed and natural attacks take 1d4 damage from the razor sharp ice shards covering its body. On death it explodes in a volley of bone fragments and razor sharp shards of ice for 1d10 damage (save for half) in a 10ft radius.

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